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one more thing yall! [15 Nov 2003|07:07pm]
i got a new journal
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[15 Nov 2003|07:03pm]
My NEW screen name is ticket2heaven05
again it is ticket2heaven05
bubye all!
peace yo!
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HEYA ALL! [15 Nov 2003|05:54pm]
[ mood | grateful ]

SOOO, my day has been tiring. I went to harwin to find a purse with nina and my mom and i got one that i have aways wanted for some reason, i dunno why, but i like it and thats all tht matters! um... it took forever, i got some sampler perfume of chance, smells so good. i got a sample for 15 instead of the real thing for 60 lol. hey im tight on money. ha. i cant stand britney spears...ugh.anyways, then i got a salad at mcdonalds and came home then slept until like 3 then i watched this good movie AND then i took a shower, and then nina called me and told me i am gonna meet richard tonight. awesome awesome!

im bored and i hafta wait untl like 8 or 9 till we leave. oh well. hope everyone has a good night!
Peace Yo!

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UH-OH [14 Nov 2003|09:34pm]
[ mood | guilty ]

Ashley is in trouble! i got off work and joe and her gave me a ride with some other guy, and he has a real nice truck by the way, but anyways, ashleys mom called dominos and so layla and krystal called and told me. poor girl. im going to harwin tomorrow. im also suppose to probably meet richard tomorrow, ray said probably. layla got really mad at me when she saw me take a puff of a cig. outside in the back of dominos from hunt. she was really mad, and disapointed, and im ashamed. i hate it. i honeslty, and i know it sounds weird and all, think that i smoke sometimes cuz of the "stuff" that has happened. layla is totally right, im glad i have the friends i have. anyways, oh dont get me wrong, im not this big bad smoker or anything, i barely smoke as it is, but it still isnt a excuse. aww my mom and dad told me how proud they wee of me cuz im "such a good young lady" and i have a head on my shoulders that i use, and they also said they are just proud i am not a wild child...basically. talk about GUILT. I felt so bad, b/c i had like just a little bit ago had a cig. ahhh, no more.Well im gonna go do my weekend homework cuz i dunno if i will find any time to do it later this weekend or not.
I love all my friends and family, and especially God and Jesus!
Later and PeaCe Yo!

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I got fake nails and it is frustrating! [13 Nov 2003|07:50pm]
[ mood | awake ]

sooo today was cool! me and homo(ashley) went to walmart and got fake nails for some reason and chocolate and mcdonalds and hot pink looking nail polish for our toes! it was soooo funny for many reasons. eww we saw dirty undies! it was yuck! haha. i wonder when im gonna meet this i hear" nice and cute" guy named richard. talking to crackajames. aww i love james! i miss him! its all kats fault, no no she is real cool. i do not like jocks. stupid guys think they are so above and beyond average. i wanna get the modest mouse cd by the way, tey are awesomely awesome! by the way i am having trouble typing cuzza myt nails. long...aggrivating.

poor lisa, my mom told her she needs to keep going to school cuz my mom heard her singing! lol
my n homo and lisa are going to harwin road for a purse saturday and i dont hafta work
wel im gonna go!
Later and PeaCe Yo!

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HEY [11 Nov 2003|11:45am]
[ mood | blah ]

So I am home and I am sick and it hurts. But life goes on so I'm gonna go try and feel better by dancing to the beatles!
peace yo!

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Everything will be okay...I sure hope. [09 Nov 2003|07:51pm]
[ mood | determined ]

So "this guy" brings me home, and he wants a family and 2 get married and all, and I told him how i wanted the same exact thing, and he didnt think it was weird, but he did ask how old ray was and he asked me if that was illegal for him and nina. I SEE THE BIG PICTURE. THE BIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG PICTURE. OH YAY. JUST WHAT I WANNA SEE. THE BIG PICTURE. I DO NOT LIKE THE BIG PICTURE.This means that "this guy" is a BIG no, because of the whole age difference. It would be like dating someone even older than my brother, except he aint my brother. Well I get it, I know how it has to be, no matter what, unless something totally dramatic happens tomorrow and he is the REAL love of my life, I will pray long and hard tonight. Maybe God will answer my prayers. He knows what I want. It may not be the guy I want at the moment, but he knows. It's not fun realizing the truth, the fact that it would NEVER work, and even though one might not say anything, someone might be thinking allalong " oh he is so freakin old" or "she is entirely 2 young". and that really blows. But then again, I guess I will see.I just hope my prayers wil be answered soon. I dont like guys who can not make up their mind. and guys say girls are confusing!!!! UM HOW ABOUT NO. wellll forgeetttttttttt it. I'm going to relax, and go day by day with this situation. I will discover the truth.
I love you God and Jesus.

PeaCe Yo

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"All you can do is have faith." [09 Nov 2003|11:21am]
[ mood | confused ]

I have faith in God with things I want right now. I gotta keep praying. I love God and I do have faith, and I know he will answer my prayers. By the way, I'm sorry God for the things I have done wrong. I want everyone to know I'm not ashamed to say that.

Soooooooooooo, I just got home....last night i went to pick up something at dominos and it was busy and they asked me to work, i rush home, someone pulls out in front of me and scared me to death, i get home grab my cloithes and a driver form dominos shows up to get me, I go to work stay for like 2 hours, then i go home and cry, then i call nina and order something and she rides home with the driver and i get my food and then i watch 8 mile, after i finished watching finding nemo. that movie rocks! well, bubye!

PeaCe Yo

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Sleepy sleepy sleepy [08 Nov 2003|10:43am]
[ mood | hopeful ]

I'm about to take my dog to the doctor! Poor thing has to have her shots, and when she is on that cold silver table she thinks it is all my fault and starts trying to bite me! I'm gonna make my mom hold her down this time haha.

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my favorite song... [08 Nov 2003|09:42am]
[ mood | weird ]

The strands in your eyes that color them wonderful • Stop me and steal my breath • Emeralds from mountains thrust towards the sky • Never revealing their depth • Tell me that we belong together • Dress it up with the trappings of love • I'll be captivated, I'll hang from your lips • Instead of the gallows of heartache that hang from above • Chorus:I'll Be your cryin' shoulder • I'll Be love suicide • I'll Be better when I'm older • I'll Be the greatest fan of your life • Rain falls angry on the tin roof • As we lie awake in my bed • You're My Survival, You're My Living Proof • My love is alive and not dead • Tell me that we belong together • Dress it up with the trappings of love • I'll be captivated, I'll hang from your lips • Instead of the gallows of heartache that hang from above • Chorus • I've dropped out, burned up, fought my way back from the dead • Tuned in, turned on, remembered the things you said • I'll Be your cryin' shoulder • I'll Be lovesuicide • I'll Be better when I'm older • I'll Be the greatest fan of your life

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* 3 people can keep a secret if 2 of them are dead * [06 Nov 2003|08:26pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

I think that is very true. Today at work was alright. Chris is so fine. haha. Vincent by the way(my manager) pisses me off. he is so mean and always got an attitude. ugh. Tomorrow of friday yay! I can't wait to graduate next year and hopefully get married. yes yes i want to get married, but only if i find my special person. i guess i will find out. Anyways I'm out!

PeaCe Yo!

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I painted my dogs toenails! [05 Nov 2003|05:27pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

Yup, my dogs nails are painted metallic pink. Then i re-did mine. I have a french manicure on my toes and hands.very cool!!

I'm home alone, I'm thinking of how cool my name sounds with this other last name...haha. Um, sorry but only My sister would get that.

Lately has been okay. School....well I am doing better in my classes. Computer science and business law are a big kink. And Ashley is crunk. Oh and can't forget P-I-M-P. I'm gonna play this game where i write a word, then write what word i think of from that word, and keep repeating that over and over... My stomach hurts. English class is so boring. Algebra lost me in the last 5 minutes, I passed a chemistry thing, I took a chemistry test early this morning, it was rather easy yall! oww. Soon my madre will be home and i can make my green shirt for tomorrow...~!~

I will always cherish my ring my Grandmother made for me outta her old rings.

I wanna go to this freakin bar Ashley! When we gonna go, you can make Joe go! Hey that rhymed!

pink, barbie, emil, disrespectful, Jordy, asshole, Saddam Hussein, scissors, pink, blue, colors, civics, trucks, ok ok ok enough of this game. Well I'm gonna jet!

PeaCe Yo

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I love hershey hugs! [03 Nov 2003|03:09pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

the best candy in the world is hershey hugs. im dying for one right now...I ran out yesterday. hot cheetos are so good also. Today at school was okay, I was so tired though. Someone told me I always use double negatives, i dont notcie if i do, but i cant help i do if i do anyways. Im from MISSISSIPPI! the country
buthole town Pass Christian! wew! oh how i miss the fun fun country. well i am gonna go find something to eat, but i doubt theres anything ood though...have a great day everybody!
PeaCe Yo

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i feel like crap... [02 Nov 2003|08:46pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

I got up and went to church, and it was the best part of my day because it was so good. It kept my full attention. After church, everything went downhill. I don't know why, but I feel so "empty" or something like that. Something feels missing, and I do not like it. I went to work and had a horrible time there, vincent was not happy with me not having a damn belt. well fucking get over it. its kinda weird i go from church to fucking this ans fucking that. I'm impatient, i dunno how much longer i can wait on the good things in life. I feel so incredibly stupid ugh. I feel like I need a compliment...I need to feel better about myself. It's an ugly world, and it makes me feel ugly, I need someone to make me feel pretty...i think that makes sense. I dont get the point in dating someone then breaking up knowingyou will break up....I mean that when you are with someone shouldnt you be in it for keeps? I mean whats the point in being with someone if your gonnsa break up anyways? Sure you gotta date around to find that special someone but damn im sick and tired of dating, especially when i get all the bad guys who dont know what RESPECT and having manners mean. I dont know if what im about to say is true, but i dont like thinking that someone might judge me by the way i dress or act. I dont have my nose stuck way up in the air like almost all the damn girls do at school, i dont ask for a lot, i try to be a good person, im not high maintenance or anything, i dont get the point in getting up everyday and getting all ready when i have nothing to look forward to. i dont like it when ppl think the world revolves around them. open up your eyes and look around, its a big and bad world, you just gotta look at the bright side, theres good things in life you just gotta wait for. I need comfort. Another thing, why do ppl have to kill, murder little babies, rape girls, hit much more. I would know. When a guy hits a girl something is wrong. its scary. I always said i would go off on a guy if he would hit me, but when it happens, it aint as easy as you would think. I only started crying and took a run for it. I dont like that my ex boyfriends dad told him that i should pay for his gas, and then he goes and tells me his dad said that. i dont like that my ex begged me to have sex with him, and when i said no he said it was all my fault and i was such a horrible person. I dont like that my ex told me how to eat, what to wear, who i could and couldnt talk to. BUT, I hafta remind myself there are good things in life that will hopefully soon come my way. life isnt fun sometimes, but ya got to suck it up and keep going on. ill stop writing now, although i could write for days.

Right now I would just like to thank God for all he has given me,my family and friends, Jesus, and the strength to get through hard times in life. Thankyou God, I love you. I am sorry God for many things I do wrong, but I know you forgive, i know you wont hold things against me. I thank you for getting me out of my problems with my past experiences, giving me the strength to stand up for myself, and the strength to overcome what has happened.

Okay, well im gonna go now, bubye.

PeaCe Yo

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Church was so good today... [02 Nov 2003|01:17pm]
When America gave Iraq food and medicines for oil, Saddam Hussein took the medicine for all the sick young children and he sold the medicine in the black markets and got money to build palices for himself. how wrong. the preacher was some guy that travels over there and does all kinda of good stuff. it was so sad at how so many children were dying at the hospital in Iraq because of Saddam. Thanks to America giving them medicine it is so much better. There are so many things happening good over there now that television does not show. There are so many good things happening behind all the bad news.
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one things for sure... [01 Nov 2003|08:42pm]
[ mood | happy ]

boy do i love older men!!!

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I can't stand having nothing to do except folding laundry... [01 Nov 2003|11:20am]
[ mood | flirty ]

good for nothing my ass. ok sorry, didn't mean to sound mean...or whatever. Last night at work was horrible! My feet were killing me, I thought I was gonna collapse or something, I had major pms, I wanted to hit someone. I started getting really sick of talking on the phone and being nice to people, sorry but it gets really old after like answering 100 phone calls. me and nina made cupcakes for everyone though! the owner was there..hes weird i swear. Me and nina aciidently got my manager in trouble by the owner last night because we refused to use the bathroom in the back because it is disgusting and dirty. im not trying to sound or be a stuck up snobby bitch but my god clean the bathroom.i would clean it but im not the one that goes and pees on the seat and leaves the toilet seat up and more...its just nasty. so we told the owner we were going next door to use the bathroom and he asked why and we told him why and he yelled at vincent...oops... he was telling vincent he didnt care what he had to do but to keep the bathroom clean and keep it nice and comfortable for the girls...and he was serious. vincent just nodded his head and i felt sooooo bad. me and nina wanted to cry haha. i decided to make it interesting on the phone so i started saying " thankyou for calling dominos pizza would you like to hear our spppooooooooky specials?" its hard to say it without laughing. i dont like it when guys are to stupid to go and talk to the girl and stuff...ugh. well im gonna go!
Peace yo!

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[20 Oct 2003|03:04pm]
Well I am going to stop with this whole online journal thing from now on. I dont see the use in it i gets kinda old and boring. So peace!
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[18 Oct 2003|03:26pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Soo... I found out were playing Kempner soon....I hafta see that. I even requested off. I'm watching newlyweds. They make me wanna get married. It's so cute. I hafta work today at 5 and I wanna close but I guess we will see. Well...oh I learned to be patient. Well...I get to move back into my room hopefully tonight! My dad is finally about done with the floor! yay!Well im gonna go! Bubye

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Nothing much to say [16 Oct 2003|03:11pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

So today was a good day I guess...Ashley thinks my hair up is cute! lol...if she says so...AnYwAyS.... im so bored and i dont work again today ughhhhh. Outkast is so fun to sing with! My tummy is crampy...oww. im gonna go to sleep soon. computer science sucks...james and Kat are so cute! james got cute friends...! *woooooot woooooot* haha

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